New Version Of Opera For Android That Optimizes Browsing When Networks Are Saturated

A new version of the Opera browser has arrived on Android. It is a version that brings new functionalities, among which a more fluid navigation stands out, even in those moments when the network is saturated. This version of Opera offers users the possibility to configure the browser in Data Saver mode, thus limiting the use of bandwidth and reducing data consumption. This makes the pages load faster.

The monitoring of this function is carried out through an icon located on the left side of the address bar, so that the user can check data consumption in real time and decide whether to maintain or deactivate this navigation mode.

Another traditional functionality to highlight for Android is the use of its free and unlimited virtual private network, which is activated without the need for any subscription. Thanks to it, the user will be able to browse privately and more safely, protecting themselves from possible attacks.

Better user experience

Among the improved functions in the new version of Opera for Android highlights the user experience in the  ‘Offline Pages’ . Now you can save those websites or articles that arrive when it is not possible to dedicate the necessary time to them, to be able to enjoy them later in ‘Airplane mode’, and without the need to be consuming data. In addition, these files can be stored both in the internal memory of the device and on an external card – avoiding problems of lack of storage space and facilitating their exchange with other devices or even with other users.

The new version of the browser has also improved the ‘Autocomplete’ function so that, when typing in the user’s usual access pages, the moment a word matches one of their favorite sites, it is completed directly in the address bar itself. All you have to do is press the ‘Go’ button, without having to choose it from a drop-down list. Opera was already a pioneer in incorporating shortcuts to the most visited pages through ‘Speed ​​Dials’. However, analysis of user behavior has shown that, when they access their regular pages, the majority continue to type the address in the browser bar and that they tend to type more letters than necessary before selecting the URL. To simplify the process, the “Go” button has been incorporated that avoids having to select the option from a drop-down list.

Working For A Workaholic: Tips To Regain Your Work-Life Balance

There is nothing more rewarding in life than working on something you love. In those cases, it is usual not to mind putting in more hours than you should, as long as it is satisfactory and that it is of your own free will. But it is always necessary to separate our work life from personal life to be able to charge batteries and clear our head. We find the problem when we work for a workaholic. In that situation, it is easy to think that you have to imitate him and be continuously available. This can become a major problem in the long run, hence the need to set limits. To make this easier, today we want to share with you an infographic showing several strategies to impress a boss who is addicted to work but without becoming one.

Tips we can follow:

Let’s look at some things we can do to avoid becoming a workaholic and follow in the footsteps of our boss:

    • Make things clear : It is important to talk to the boss and tell him about the hours or times when he can contact you outside of working hours. Do not think that you are available 24 hours a day.
    • Make the limits clear : You have to make him see that if he sends a lot of work, your effectiveness may decrease. Only take on that job that you can carry out. Don’t compromise to look good.
    • After work activities : There is nothing like scheduling an activity that you have to do after work. Playing sports, learning a language or anything else can be highly recommended.
    • Take a step forward : There are times when it is necessary to take an extra hour to carry out a project. You should always be ready in those moments.
  • Ask for advice : The person addicted to work, most likely has had to face a multitude of situations. Ask him for advice in those cases that you have doubts about how to carry out a task.